About Collectively, Inc.

Collectively strives to advance mental wellbeing through the engagement of diverse

stakeholders to collectively solve complex challenges. We address mental wellbeing through

three core pillars and use a variety of approaches to create change including the collective

process of a community of support, capacity building and the development and expansion of

social capital. Services and supports are provided at the individual, organizational, system

and community levels.


Collectively centers on:


- Collaboration: We believe that all challenges can be solved when the right people are

sitting at the table

- Individuality: We believe that mental wellness cannot be addressed in the same way

for every person. We honor the diversity and experiences of all people

- Impact: We believe that mental wellness should be addressed at the individual,

organizational, community and global level

- Innovation: we believe that addressing the ever-changing needs for mental wellness

requires innovative ways of thinking and acting

- Connection: We believe that mental wellness comes from support, community and a

sense of belonging created through the collective process





Professional Bio

Dr. Julie Radlauer-Doerfler, has extensive experience in the field of both human services and organizational development for more than 25 years. She has been involved in various projects including training in the evidence-based practice of Wraparound, system planning, and integration, strategic planning at the system level, grant writing, assisting organizations through the accreditation process, training, coaching and providing technical assistance and teaching leadership.  With a concentration on strategic planning, curriculum development, continuous quality improvement initiatives, and conducting large-scale organizational and system assessments, Julie has assisted numerous individuals, organizations, and systems of care in the attainment of their goals.


Personal Bio

Dr. Radlauer-Doerfler is a changemaker and a peacemaker.  In every aspect of her career, she has focused on transforming individuals, organizations and communities. She specializes in utilizing evidence-based and researched practices to inform her processes. Her style of embracing change in a warm and nurturing manner offers support to those she works with. Dr. Radlauer-Doerfler truly believes that we should “be the change we want to see in the world” and actualizes this value in her work and her life. Julie has published several articles and reports and has facilitated hundreds of workshops, training events and presentations. Julie has three kind and brilliant sons and an amazing husband.



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