What is Wraparound?

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a facilitated support planning model designed to work with individuals and families experiencing complex needs.  The goal is for Wraparound facilitators to engage the person or family in a team-based approach, helping them to identify their strengths, culture and needs and then use those strengths to achieve their individualized goals in order to have a better life and to have the confidence to navigate potential future challenges.

Dr. Radlauer-Doerfler has been involved in the implementation, training and coaching of Wraparound since the early 1990s.  She has collaborated with the National Wraparound Initiative in the development of core Wraparound documents that serve as the for the provision of Wraparound nationally including the Phases and Activities of the Wraparound Process: Building Agreement About a Practice Model. 


Wraparound Partners

In 2017, the Florida Department of Children and Families contracted with the Dr. Radlauer-Doerfler to provide training, coaching and technical assistance throughout the state of Florida to ensure statewide implementation with fidelity to the model. Through this contract, she has worked with Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network to develop a portal of Wraparound publications and tools. click on this link. Scroll down to the bottom right corner to where it says Wraparound Plan and click on go. Midway down the page you may choose the toolkit you want to use. Through 2018, we have worked with over 50 organizations and are providing services and supports across the seven Managing Entity regions in Florida.

What is so good about Wraparound?

For over thirty years, research has been conducted about the implementation of Wraparound. Many states currently require its use as a solution to integration and collaboration across services. Click here for a meta-analytic research paper about Wraparound. National Wraparound Initiative document. For additional peer-reviewed research studies about implementation, click here: Wraparound implementation.

Understanding the Wraparound Process

In order to ensure positive outcomes through Wraparound, support is necessary at the individual, organizational, and system level.

Individual Practice Level Support

The Radlauer Group has worked with Vroon VDB to develop training curricula and certification tools to support individual practitioners seeking to become certified Wraparound facilitators. Click here to view the various training, coaching, and certification opportunities offered by the Radlauer Group.

Organizational Level Support

Change at the individual practice level cannot occur without organizational support of the Wraparound process.  To achieve this support, organizations need to assess their readiness to change. The Radlauer Group has developed the Organizational Wraparound Readiness Assessment Protocol (O-WRAP©), a tool to assist organizations in this process. The Radlauer Group provides technical assistance to organizations to prepare for the successful implementation of the model. Contact us for more information about O-WRAP.

System Level Support

In order for Wraparound to be successful at the community and system level, support and backing from key stakeholders and partners is critical. The Radlauer Group has worked with many communities using this System of Care Toolkit to provide support at the system level. Please see the link to the System of Care Toolkit that provides an excellent overview of system level support.

Wraparound Training Opportunities

Wraparound 101: A three-day training designed to provide Case Managers with the skills necessary to implement Wraparound.  This training is skills-based and teaches the basics of how to implement the Wraparound model. Upon completion of this training, individuals may choose to become certified facilitators by participating in a coaching process.

Introduction to Wraparound: A half-day training designed to educate system partners (Child Welfare, DJJ, provider organizations, school personnel, system leadership and the community) about the Wraparound process.  This training involves an overview of system of care values and Wraparound.

Wraparound for Clinicians: A half-day training designed for therapists working on the Wraparound team.  The purpose of this training is for therapists to learn about the importance of their role in the Wraparound process.

Wraparound Supervisors Training: A two-day training designed for Supervisors that have already participated in Wraparound 101 training and are supervising Case Managers.  This training educates supervisors about the coaching process and supports sustainability of Wraparound within the organization.

Wraparound Booster Training

Wraparound Booster Training: A full-day training available for people that have completed Wraparound 101 previously and are ready for a refresher.  It is typical that practitioners may need a refresher on an annual basis to avoid drift from the model.

Family/Peer Support Partner Training: This is a two-day training focused on the important and integral role of Family and Peer Support Partners in the Wraparound process.  This training offers support and education to help these partners be successful as part of the Wraparound team.

Natural Supports Training: A one-day training designed to educate organizations and facilitators about how to engage natural supports in the Wraparound process.  Natural supports are trusted entities and individuals identified by persons receiving Wraparound services and are essential partners on successful Wraparound teams.

Champions Training: Champions are individuals who support the implementation of Wraparound in their communities. Identified champions attend a three-day training that focuses on the provision of support and resources to help facilitate the successful application of Wraparound. Prerequisite: Completion of Wraparound 101.

Coaching Training:For Wraparound Certified Facilitators who are interested in becoming Wraparound Certified Coaches, this two-day training is designed to increase awareness and build coaching and supervisory skills. Following certification, coaches provide feedback to individuals who have completed Wraparound 101 and who are interested in becoming Certified Facilitators. The coaching process involves a combination of shadowing, role playing, and feedback provided in the field.

Wraparound Certification                              Wraparound Certification

Individuals who have completed Wraparound 101 (High Fidelity Wraparound) training may choose to become Certified Wraparound Facilitators. This process involves the practice of Wraparound through the use of skills learned during training. Certified coaches provide feedback and support through live and taped sessions. This process typically takes approximately 10-15 hours and is facilitated through the use of coaching tools.

Wraparound Learning Communities

Learning Communities support ongoing organizational and system growth around Wraparound implementation.  These groups provide an opportunity for people from multiple programs and organizations to work collaboratively to improve and enhance Wraparound.  Learning Communities are typically facilitated by leaders within the community with support from the Radlauer Group.  Contact us for information about how to start a Learning Community in your area.

Special Populations

While Wraparound was initially designed to support children and families experiencing Serious Emotional Disturbances and other complex challenges, it has been expanded to work with many other populations including:

  • Adults with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness
  • Individuals with Substance Use Conditions
  • Individuals with Co-occurring Psychiatric, Substance Use and Other Complex Conditions
  • Individuals who are Re-entering the Community from the Criminal Justice System
  • Youth who are being diverted from the Juvenile Justice System
  • Substance using parents who are at-risk of involvement in the Child Welfare System
  • Individuals involved in the Early Childhood Court
  • Transition-age youth (18-26)


Behavioral Health Case Management

The Collectively Group, Inc. has been approved by the Florida Certification Board to provide the 50-hour Behavioral Health Case Management training.  This training includes a combination of 24 hours of Wraparound 101 training, 16 hours of documentation training and 10 hours or approved online training.  Upon completion of this training, participants will be given a certificate to upload to the Florida Certification Board and be prepared to sit for the Behavioral Health Case Management Test.

Health Case Management

The training includes the following required subjects:

  • Engagement and Assessment (9 hours)
  • Service Planning (8 hours)
  • Linkage and Monitoring (13 hours)
  • Documentation: (10 hours)
  • Professional, Legal & Ethical Responsibilities: (10 hours)



“As one of the founders of the Wraparound Process, I want to acknowledge the incredible work of the Radlauer Group in providing crucial leadership to the field. They do this by promoting fidelity and supporting implementation in key innovative communities and sites. I am proud to be associated with them.

I have spent 35 years of my life on the gradual reform of human services. I have worked in all 50 states and across the planet. In all these decades, I have worked with many consulting and implementation firms, but only two or three were truly exceptional, and the Radlauer Group is on that list!”


John Vandenberg
Co-founder of Vroon Vandenberg

Developer of Wraparound process


“The Radlauer Group has been flexible, responsive, and a wonderful resource for Florida’s statewide Wraparound implementation.  The Department of Children and Families values this partnership and the shared vision for a comprehensive behavioral health system of care for youth and their families.”


Ute Gazioch
Director of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Florida Department of Children and Families


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